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Laying turf is the beginning of the process of its long and painstaking cultivation. At the same time, care for a rolled lawn should be carried out in accordance with certain rules that regulate the number and type of necessary procedures. The main ones provide the development and normal growth of the lawn include:

• watering;

• Mowing;

• fertilizer.

Timely implementation of all these activities guarantees a beautiful lawn with an emerald green lawn according to Lenard’s Lawn Care of Suffolk VA.


During the first week after laying the lawn must be watered daily until the soil is completely wet. In this case, the formation of puddles should be avoided, which indicates an excess of water in a certain area. Watering with lawn care is done by sprinkling using a special umbrella on the hose or a spray irrigation system. After a week, the soil can be moistened as needed, but at least once a week. It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the soil and to prevent it from drying out or water logging.


The first lawn mowing is carried out after strengthening the grassroots in the soil, which is possible not earlier than a week after laying. Lawn mowing is done as needed (approximately once a week). The mowed grass is necessarily removed from a lawn that allows young growth to receive a bigger amount of sunlight. With frequent shearing, the lawn acquires a high level of density, due to which it has an attractive appearance. Immediately after mowing, you need to water the lawn.

When caring for a lawn, they pay particular attention to mowing. This is due to its positive influence on weed control. At the same time, perennial dandelions, tansy, and sow thistles should be removed by hand in order not to damage the lawn. Their roots are dug using a special garden tool. For lawns with a large area of ​​landscaping using special chemicals – herbicides. They have a selective effect on the weeds and do not harm the lawn grass. The last grass mowing before the onset of winter is carried out immediately before the frost. At the same time, the height of the grass is left a little higher than usual, which is necessary to feed the root system with oxygen. The rolled lawn must necessarily be mowed before winter, otherwise, there is a high probability that it will under the layer of snow.


Regular lawn care involves the use of special fertilizers that are applied to the soil in a certain amount. Starting in early spring, the lawn is fed with nitrogen fertilizers. After completion of the first shearing, a fertilizer complex is applied to the soil, which contains potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. In the summer, fertilizing is repeated in the same amount and composition as in spring. Lawn Care in the fall includes fertilization with phosphorus and potassium. At the same time, nitrogen fertilizers are not applied before the winter season. With regular fertilization, the lawn receives all the necessary trace elements and nutrients, which contributes to its good growth.

Lawn care in winter

The best shelter lawn from the negative effects of low temperature – this is snow cover. With a height of snow on a plot of about 25 centimeters, the lawn is reliably protected from freezing and mechanical loads. In case of uneven snow cover, it is recommended to add snow from areas adjacent to the lawn.

How to choose the lawn: practical advice
To the greatest extent, the choice depends on what goals for coverage you have set. In order to learn how to choose a lawn, you must determine its purpose – it will be a decorative or special purpose.

• Decorative will become a decoration of the garden, an excellent background for mix order, will effectively complement the thoughtful architecture of the yard. However, this will require considerable care.

• Special will be the best solution if there is a playground or a sports field in front of the house. It will excellently transfer numerous games of animals, adults, and children, it will be an excellent place for a picnic. The next item in the answer to the question “which lawn grass to choose” will be the definition of the site conditions.

• If it is located in an open, sunny place, the decorative coating will perfectly fit into the landscape and will actively grow.

• For a shaded area, grass mixture with plants resistant to insufficient sunlight is much more suitable.

It is also necessary to take into account the acidity of the soil and the depth of groundwater – these factors are important when choosing. In different grass mixtures often appear the same plant species in different percentages. Therefore, depending on the characteristics of the site, the mixture with the highest plant content is selected, which is most suitable for specific conditions. If you still do not know how to choose the lawn grass correctly, the help of the specialists Lenard’s Lawn Care to which you apply for the purchase of grass mixture will put everything in its place.

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